Calendar of Events 2022

Monthly Bird Counts

Meet at the lower kiosk in the parking lot in Lighthouse Park on the

First Sunday of every month at

8:30 a.m.  February 6, March 6, and April 3, 2022

7:00 a.m.  May 1, June 5, July 3, and August 7, 2022

Novice and experienced birders welcome.  

Annual General Meeting

Saturday June 18, 2022 at1:30 pm

Sk'iwitsut hut in Lighthouse Park. Open to the public too.

This will be following a special Celebration in Lighthouse Park, starting at 10 am. Details are on Home Page.


Volunteer Opportunities 2022

For all volunteer events please wear old clothes, sturdy shoes and work gloves and bring your own water. Volunteers who are 12 years and under must be accompanied by an adult. The events may be cancelled suject to government COVID-19 restrications.

Saturday, January 29, 9:00 am - noon  

Weed Pull, Klootchman Park

Meet at the enterance to the park on Howe Sound Lane.

Saturday, February 12, 9:00 am - noon 

Weed Pull, Lighthouse Park

Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot.

Saturday, February 26, 9:00 am - noon  

Weed Pull, The Dale Park  

Meet at the corner of Water Lane & The Dale.

Saturday, March 12, 9:00 am - noon

Weed Pull, North Piccadilly Park

Meet at the intersection of Piccadilly North & Clovelly Walk, north of the railway crossing.

Saturday, May 7, 9:00 am - noon

Broom Pull, Lighthouse Park

Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot.

Educational Walks and Talks




Bring Back the Butterflies


with Richard Beard

Butterflies grace our gardens and public places, area important pollinators of plants, and are excellent indicators of environmental health. Butterfly numbers on the North Shore have declined significantly over the last 40 years, except for the invasive cabbage white butterfly from Europe. West Vancouver resident Richard Beard will introduce the most common species on the North Shore, the role butterflies and moths play in our neighborhoods, and what we can do to help stop their decline.


Saturday, April 23, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
A Zoom presentation via the West Vancouver Memorial Library